ARTistHD Face Palette

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ARTistHD Face Palette

These finishing powders will help set your make up, and give it  beautiful long lasting finish.

They will also give you extra coverage.

From bottom left to right -

Glow Highlight, This will give your skin a beautiful fresh look, great for highlighting and adding a little sublte luminosity to matte dry skin.

Vanilla Sand - A matte finishing powder for lighter skin tones.

Summer - Great on Asian Skin tones. Great for warming up skin and balanceing with spray tans. Also warm up foundations that are too cool.

Beige - A Medium Cool powder, great for these skin tones or use a a corrector to cool down foundation that is too warm.

Top - Left to right

Translucent Powder - Will not change the colour of your foundation. Is great for setting your make up and absobing oils through the day to keep your make up fresher for longer.

Bronze Glow - Great to add over the top to add a little luminosity bronze glow to your skin.

Caramel - Great for Medium to Darker skin tones. Warm based. Also great for contouring on light to medium skin tones. Mix with bronze glow for a great Bronzer effect.

Chocolate - Perfect for your darker Skin Tones. Red based not mustard based. Also great from contouring on Caramel skin tones.

MT Palette is a large magnettic palette that you can easily change and replace any pans. With a clear window in the lid you can easiy see whats inside your palette,.

Only $80-, Valued at $141

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