ARTistHD Face Palette 2

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ARTistHD Make Up Face Palette 2

This pallete contains some of our most popular power products used to create a flawless face.

Powders are designed to add coverage, set existing liquid / creme make up, and add colour. Powders will prolong the wear of your make up.

Top left to right

Blusher Captive -  gorgeous Coral coloured blush with a luminous shine. Gives you a healthy warm glow.

Blusher Cocktail- The perfect mix of orange and pink in the one blush with a luminous shone. Orange gives you a beautiful warm glow in real life, the pink gives your colour strength in photography. By far our most popular blush colour in our range!  

Translucent Powder - Will not change the colour of your foundation. Great for setting make up and absorbing oils through the day for a longer lasting result.

Green - For Counteracting Pink & Red in the skin that doesnt go. Pefect for a subtle correction on the decolletage.

Body Tan - Like Green & Violet based Spray Tans, This is a great Body Tan Colour.

Bottom left to right.

Vanilla Sand - Great finishing & setting powder for Light to Medium Skin Tones.

Summer - Great finishing & setting powder for strong yellow & mustard based skin tones. Great on Asian skin, and Spray tans.

Beige - Great finishing & setting powder for medium cool skin tones. Or use it to cool down foundatons that are too warm.

Chocolate - Great finishing & setting powder for Darker skin tones.

MT Palette - Large Magnettic palette that you can easiy change pan's in. Clear window in the lid so you can see pan inside.

Only $80 valued at $130


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